The World of Quilts was established based on the fundamental principle of delivering an affordable, high quality product to the market based on an American Tradition: Quilting.

Our wide range of products caters to multiple price points and design options, from fresh modern designs (perfect for gifts) to the famous Americana (Log Cabin Quilts and more).

We partner with many different Fair Trade Suppliers from around the world; including China, India, Morocco and Peru.  Our partners in India, provide a completely handmade product – which even includes the quilters name and quilt name hand-stitched into the binding. For those looking for less traditional designs, we offer a unique alternative: Your own inscription and label can be custom designed (by you!!) and hand-sewn into the back of our quilts as well.

In addition to quilts, we offer unique accessories such as : jewelry wrap-ups, cosmetics bags, notebooks, and high quality quilting fabrics. We are a small business, owned and operated by quilters.  We want to share the joy a comfortable quilt can bring and the memories you can share and make with your own quilt.

We offer lap quilts, baby quilts, full size bed quilts, and even quilts perfect for picnics and outdoor events. Thank you for your interest and supporting our small business.  We hope you enjoy your quilt as much as we enjoyed hand selecting and delivering it to you!